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Netflix is a premium online video streaming service and it usually cost around $10 per month. Flix-4Free, made it possible for consumers to use Netflix for free. Why, how and what we manage to give you free Netflix gift card codes will be explained on this page. If you want to get Netflix premium for free, use our generator to get your own free Netflix account subscription without any charge!

How Can I Get Netflix For Free?

Netflix accounts for free, made partnerships with companies to let other people pay for premium products. Flix-4Free made partnerships with great multi-national brands to pay for your Netflix gift card. If you start to use the generator by clicking on “Get Netflix for Free”, you will be redirected to the Netflix code generator. After you generated a unique code, the locker will appear. Complete the human verification and your Netflix Account will be released. You can use the free Netflix gift card generator immediately.

Follow the next steps to get Netflix for free 

  • Click “Get Code
  • Like or share us on the social media
  • Choose the gift card amount that you want
  • Download your gift card at the end
  • Redeem the free Netflix gift card on the Netflix website


Netflix Accounts For Free

The sponsors and partners of Flix-4Free are willing to pay for every gift card which is generated on our website. The codes are all legit and after you’ve received the code, is it ready to use and can you redeem it straight away. Get Netflix Premium for free.

Choose your desired Netflix gift card amount

It’s all up to you,  it’s your choice which gift card value you’d like. You can choose your own amount of value on the gift cards below. Choose between $10, $20 or $50 of Netflix for free. Complete all steps and get your Netflix gift card for free!

How can we provide free Netflix codes

All the Netflix gift cards we provide on our website are generated for free. The most common questions we get is how we can provide free Netflix codes and of course if they are legit. The rea

Are the Netlfix gift cards legit to use?

All the Netflix gift cards that we provide through our website are already been paid by one of our sponsors. By this reason we can ensure you that the Netflix gift card codes are legit. After you’ve generated the gift card will we lock the content till you succeed all steps. The most people succeed these steps in 10 minutes. You’re free Netflix code is ready to download at the last step!

About the Netflix code generator

Our Netflix gift card code generator is an algorithm which provides unique gift card codes for every user on our website. Beside this, does our generator also lock the last four digits and the generator will release the full code when you’ve succeeded all steps. The Netflix code generator is made for save code transferring and will always be improved to guarantee the safety of usage of our code generator. Use our Netflix gift card code generator and get a free Netflix account!  The gift card code can be redeemed after the last step and you can succeed in 10 minutes for the $50 of free Netflix gift card credit.


The free online generated Netflix gift card can be downloaded at the last step as PDF-download.

What is a Netflix gift card?

A Netflix gift card is a prepaid wallet what has a value of credits on it so you can pay for your Netflix account. Usually you have to pay the full amount of the value if you want to buy gift cards in store. Flix-4Free  is the one and only company in the world which made it possible for normal consumers to get to free premium products while our sponsors pay for your gift card. Pay your Netflix account with prepaid gift cards, and get a free Netflix gift card through our website. You can choose between a $10, $20 and $50 of free Netflix gift cards. The average time to claim your tickets is 12 minutes for $50 Netflix gift card. Get your free Netflix account today!


How to redeem an online generated Netflix gift card code?

The free Netflix account codes that we generate are submitted in a normal format and can be used as a normal gift card. By this reason there’s no other procedure for claiming the gift card to your Netflix account. If you want to redeem your gift card, you’ll have to login first to your Netflix account (at the end of all steps on our website, will we redirect you to your Netflix account). Click on upgrade plan and fill in the Netflix Promotion code. Click on redeem gift card and your Netflix account will be credited with the Netflix gift card amount. Redeem your free Netflix gift card today!